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We are on a mission to improve life-long health for all

TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC are joining forces and integrating knowledge, expertise and methodology. Through convergence, we will form novel frameworks that foster scientific discovery and technological innovation in the field of health and healthcare.

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Mission and vision

Increased life span, socioeconomic inequalities, new demands arising with increasing data resources, and rapidly increasing healthcare costs challenge the sustainability of our healthcare system. Traditional approaches no longer suffice to address these challenges. Convergence of separated domains in science is therefore essential.

By joining forces, Erasmus MC, EUR and TU Delft are creating a stimulating and efficient cross-pollination between ideas, procedures, instruments and products. Convergence for Health & Technology provides unique opportunities to address the challenges faced by our healthcare system and to promote health and social participation for all.

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Upcoming events

27/09/2021 16.00 – 17.30 

Insights from an ethics-member of the research ethics board of the Erasmus MC

Before a research proposal reaches potential participants, many ethical decisions related to the research have been made on which the potential research participants have no influence. Only then potential participants make a decision about participation. I call those decisions, ‘gates’ in the research enterprise. These decisions concern 1) protective measures in legislation; 2) research design; 3) medical-ethical review; 4) recruitment by the professional; and 5) informed consent by the potential research participant.

Speaker: Dr. Krista Tromp, Dept. Medical Ethics, History and Philosophy of Medicine, Erasmus MC

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27/09  – 12/10
Follow-up Theme events

At the start of the new academic year the four Health and Technology themes all organized matchmaking events to broaden the community of interested academics, engineers, health professionals and to help in preparing flagship proposals (deadline for pre proposals November 1st. A follow-up event per theme is now planned. Feel free to join these meetings with your ideas.

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Yearly Health & Technology Event

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