Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center

Better prepared to face pandemics and disasters
that threaten our health and society

The Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center is turning the momentum of COVID-19 into a sustainable investment in scientific and technological innovation. Together, we will reduce risks, and build resilience through effective disaster prevention, preparedness, and recovery management.

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Mission and vision

To prepare society for future pandemics and disasters, Erasmus MC, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam have joined forces in the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center, an initiative to reduce vulnerabilities and risks and build resilience through effective disaster prevention, preparedness and recovery measures. Convergence of the technical, medical and social sciences is essential for developing the next generation of approaches to disasters and pandemics.

In the foreseeable future, our society can expect many more and unforeseen virus outbreaks and extreme events. But how do we protect society from the next pandemic or disaster? Which of the lessons learnt could be used to develop prevention and intervention measures, and how could research contribute to preparedness?

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The Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center will develop education, training and information for researchers, medical personnel, policymakers, executives, and the general public. Education will be designed in the area of the complex interplay between climate, environment and infectious disease outbreaks, and will focus on climate change and its risks to public health, simulation of pandemic and disaster preparedness, and skills training for medical professionals and students.


The PDPC participates in national and international networks such as the NCOH, the Netherlands Centre for One Health. The NCOH focusses on developing an integrated One Health approach to deal with the global risks of infectious diseases. The NCOH aims to develop integrated solutions and approaches for societal challenges, such as the world-wide threat that infectious diseases may pose to human and animal health, and the possibility of antibiotic resistance. As the solution most likely involves healthy farming, healthy wildlife and ecosystems, a One Health approach is needed to solve these major societal challenges.


At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, students were feeling the pressure of the increasing need for ventilators in ICs. Why not develop our own ventilator, using only local materials? With Operation Air, Prof. Jaap Harlaar’s (3mE) initiative, students did just that and developed a fully operational ventilator in just two weeks, ready for production.

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